In its infancy, Artesana San Jos was a family business, specialized in the production of bakestry products, carried out by skilled craftsmen and using the long tradition in the area.

Later, because of the growing demand both from Spain and abroad, and the hand of our designers, we developed collections of decorative elements, always with great acceptance among our customers worldwide.

Following the line of expanding product range, also seasonal products were made for Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Christmas decorations deserves special mention, having become our specialty over the years, thanks to the great success and the exceptional host our Christmas designs and proposals are having.

The result of our good work and continuing with our concern to innovate and grow, we have participated in many major projects in the sector, providing our decorative products to superstores, hotels, franchises and distributors all around the world.

Today, Artesana San Jos is a modern company, but retains its traditional strengths, expertise and experience acquired during these more than 60 years of history. This has allowed Artesana San Jos products to be present in more than 20 international markets in Europe, America and Oceania.